CRISTAL Fit® muscle building

CRISTAL Fit® Behandlung

CRISTAL Fit® enables a body lift without surgery as well as targeted muscle build-up on the stomach, legs, buttocks or arms. The electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology of CRISTAL Fit® revolutionizes body contouring and enhances the firmness of the silhouette by strengthening and shaping the muscles in an especially efficient way without sweaty workout.

Technology of the CRISTAL Fit®

The CRISTAL Fit® is a body contouring system using high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation (HI-EMMS). This technology uses a focused electromagnetic field with an intensity measured in Tesla and is based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

The electromagnetic field penetrates the body in a non-invasive and non-ablative manner. It interacts with motoneurons and triggers forced and intense muscle contractions. The frequency range generated by CRISTAL Fit® does not allow muscle relaxation between two successive stimulations, so that the muscles remain in a forced contraction. Unlike voluntary muscle contractions, these involuntary contractions are independent of brain function and therefore are much more efficient.

The treatment activates the cells and stimulates them to build muscle mass. The volume of muscle fibres (phenomenon of hypertrophy) and their number and density (phenomenon of hyperplasia) increases. The result is a defined and more muscular silhouette.

The CRISTAL Fit® treatment is completely painless. In fact, the induced electromagnetic field activates the motoneurons to allow muscle contraction.

However, unlike electrical stimulation, it does not activate pain receptors.

  • Ergonomic handpieces for the treatment of different body zones
  • Unique treatment parameters
  • Intensity of the treatment adjustable in percentage steps
  • User-friendly interface with 15 inch display
  • Developed and manufactured in France
  • No license fees
CRISTAL Fit® Gerät

Technical data of CRISTAL Fit®

Number of applicators 2 applicators for bilateral treatment of the body
Intensity 5 Tesla per applicator
Pulse duration 400 μs
Frequency 0–100 Hz
Power 1000 W
Treatment area (diameter) 18 cm
Cooling Water cooling
Weight 70 kg
Display Android/15 Zoll
Protocols Preset protocols for treatment of abdomen, arms, calves, thighs and buttocks

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