About the CRISTAL® cryolipolysis

The non-invasive cryolipolysis method allows a selective treatment of subcutaneous fat deposits. The purpose of the established cryolipolysis method is the crystallization of fat cells, which are induced to apoptosis due to their high susceptibility to cold stimuli.
A part of the crystallized fat cells in the treated area (15–25% per session) is metabolized naturally in the weeks following the treatment, resulting in an aesthetic silhouette.

How CRISTAL® cryolipolysis works

Wirkung Kryolipolyse Behandlung: Apoptose

CRISTAL®: Certified medical technology

CRISTAL® cryolipolysis devices are certified medical devices of class IIa (93/42 EEC) and are developed exclusively in France and manufactured there according to the highest European standards and medical technology guidelines. The innovative CRISTAL® technology, which ensures safety and efficiency, is non-invasive and requires no anaesthesia. CRISTAL® offers a wide range of different applicators to ideally treat all zones of the body of both women and men. Due to the powerful cooling, permanent results are often visible after only 6–10 weeks.
Deleo, the manufacturer of the CRISTAL® devices, is certified according to ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016. This ensures transparency in the entire process, from development to production and delivery to the customer. A first-class customer service with very short response times is included with every device sold.

The advantages of CRISTAL® cryolipolysis

  • The treatment specifically and exclusively targets adipocytes

  • Highest efficiency and convincing results after only one or two treatments per area

  • Depending on the device type, treatment with 2 or 4 applicators is possible at the same time

  • Very short return on investment (ROI) and high profitability

  • Ideal for all-season treatment of patients

  • Easy to delegate

Easy application of CRISTAL® cryolipolysis

Step 1

Measurement of the fat layer to select the appropriate applicator.

Step 2

Place the cold protection cloth and the applicator on the area to be treated.

Step 3

The non-invasive, painless treatment takes about 60 minutes, depending on the treatment zone. The optimal results are visible after 12 weeks at the latest.

Kryolipolyse Behandlung

Details about the Cristal® cryolipolysis devices

Details about the Cristal® cryolipolysis devices

CRISTAL® Kryolipolyse Geräte

CRISTAL® cryolipolysis devices

The certified cryolipolysis devices of the CRISTAL® series ensure maximum safety and highest patient satisfaction. Since 2014, the devices have been developed and produced in France by the medical technology manufacturer Deleo. Service, quality and a deliberate renunciation of license fees on the one hand ensure the profitability of the treatment, and on the other hand fair prices and satisfied patients.

The evolution of CRISTAL® cryolipolysis

The first CRISTAL® device was launched on the French market in 2014. Since 2016, the devices have been available in German speaking countries. A large number of morphologically shaped applicators for the entire body and individually selectable treatment parameters ensure the quality of the treatment.

The wide range of applicators was expanded in 2018 to include 3 mini handpieces for the face. This allows targeted treatment not only of the chin area, but also of small fat deposits on the knees, bra area and arms.

In 2020 the CRISTAL Pro® was introduced, which allows to save up to 70 % of time by using 4 applicators at the same time due to a powerful overall cooling system.

Comparison of CRISTAL® and CRISTAL Pro®

The development of the CRISTAL® series is based on the needs of the user. The CRISTAL® and CRISTAL Pro® devices currently in production both meet the requirements for high-quality and safe treatments with certified medical technology.

Whether slim, compact design or time-efficient applications, all CRISTAL® cryolipolysis devices enable high-quality treatment of subcutaneous fat deposits without surgical intervention.

CRISTAL® Kryolipolyse Geräte

Would you like to know which CRISTAL® cryolipolysis device fits into your treatment portfolio? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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